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The Malawian government has sought to put a greater focus on agriculture and nutrition, but there are numerous challenges for smallholders in Malawi, not least the weather, with only one rainy season each year.  To address these challenges and leverage opportunities, Malawi has developed the Agricultural Sector-Wide Approach through a consultative process with a range of stakeholders. Grow Africa’s activities complement Malawi’s own efforts to transform the agriculture sector through private sector-led inclusive investment.

Priority value chains for the government are Oilseeds, grain legumes, horticulture crops, livestock, roots and tubers, rice.

Grow Africa Priority Activities in Malawi

  • Grow Africa is prioritising the deployment of CAP-F in Malawi, with sector stakeholder consultations and preparation of a country implementation roadmap. Complete deployment of CAP-F in Malawi is anticipated in 2019.
  • Grow Africa is also working to develop a multi-stakeholder platform in the agriculture sector, called Commercial Agriculture Support Services (CASS) to address challenges to investment and development of the agriculture sector in a coordinated manner.

In April 2017 Grow Africa helped launched the Commercial Agriculture Support Services (CASS), an initiative spearheaded by private sectors actors in agriculture to their interests across several value chains.  This platform works to develop key value chains in a coordinated way, identifying bottlenecks to private sector engagement and investment in the value chain, and solutions to these. 

CASS also seeks to generate and disseminate research, identifying opportunities for new investments and activities, as well as to inform policy that governs and shapes the sector. Grow Africa is actively supporting the formalisation of this platform, and the delivery of its planned activities.   

More broadly, CAP-F deployment has been initiated in Malawi and briefings conducted for senior government officials and development partners.




Key Results
  • Grow Africa has partnership with country stakeholders to launch Commercial Agriculture Support Services (CASS), a multi-stakeholder platform with membership from farmer organisations (over 100,000 smallholder farmers under Farmer Organisation membership) , civil society, government and private sector. CASS was an integral part of the NAIP refresh process in Malawi, representing private sector interests in the development of the Malabo compliant NAIP which is soon to be launched. The platform has recently completed development of a 5 year strategy with the financial support of Grow Africa.
  • CAP-F deployment has been initiated in Malawi and briefings conducted for senior government officials and development partners.