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Grow Africa through its partnerships across the platforms and value chains in Nigeria, support and provide the national government an opportunity to present investment opportunities that support National Agriculture and Food Security Investment Plans (NAIPs) while creating greater opportunities for the platforms, the selected value chains and respective partners to showcase innovations and best practice at least in the areas of innovative finance, and productivity and market access improvements

Furthermore through the formed partnerships, the in-country road map for Nigeria will focus on these areas:

  • Supporting the value chains to produce business cases.
  • Identifying and facilitating investment to match new business cases.
  • Strengthening the platforms by providing resources and technical support to cassava value chain and rice value chain in Nigeria.

Grow Africa Priority Activities in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Grow Africa is prioritising the deployment of CAP-F in Nigeria with briefings conducted for senior government officials and development partners.  Grow Africa is also focused on two high priority value chains: rice and cassava. 


Rice is recognized by ECOWAS as their prime, regional priority in agriculture, due to its core relevance for consumption, food security and trade. Grow Africa is working to develop a value chain platform in the rice sector in Nigeria to address gaps and bottlenecks that hinder investment in rice. While different associations are already active across the rice value chain, they lack a platform that brings the different value chain components together.

The rice value chain platform will provide a more consistent and organized voice towards government on advocacy issues, but also across the value chain between farmers, aggregators, traders, millers and marketers. The Nigeria rice policy advocacy platform comprises of all the rice value chain actors in Nigeria. The platform is national and is actively operating in 17 states of Nigeria.


Grow Africa signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Nigerian Agribusiness Group (NABG) and the Cassava Stakeholders Association (ICSAN), to focus on local partnerships and strengthening the value chain. The Grow Africa and NABG collaboration works towards improving the business environment of private sector in agriculture and for smallholder farmers including connecting commercial partners with knowledge, expertise and resources where possible. 

The Cassava Stakeholders Association (ICSAN) was launched with the support of Grow Africa and IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, in April 2015 and is now formally recognised by the government as a representative body for the cassava sector.

The platform aims to:

  • Establish an inclusive and dynamic industrial cassava value chain platform that enables current and emerging industrial players seize local and international market opportunities. 
  • Find answers to most, if not all, issues pertaining to the whole cassava value chain.
Key Results
  • CAP-F deployment has been initiated in Nigeria and briefings conducted for senior government officials and development partners.
  • In Nigeria, Grow Africa signed Memorandum of Understanding with Nigeria Agribusiness Group (NABG) aimed at enhancing public/private dialogue and proposed concrete solutions to attract private sector investment in agriculture.
  • Grow Africa and IDH are supporting the Industrial Cassava Stakeholders Association of Nigeria (ICSAN) with 2 year organisational development grant, which has supported establishment of governance structures, recruitment of a secretariat, and establishment of modus operandi and mobilisation of new members. The intention of the grant is to capacitate the secretariat to sustain itself through servicing its membership.
  • Grow Africa is looking to undertaking an in-depth business case study for the establishment of regional rice value chain in West Africa, with specific focus on Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Niger and Senegal