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Grow Africa is a network of partners including International and domestic private sector companies, public-sector organisations, farmer organisations, service providers, financers, development organisations and NGOs working to to increase responsible private sector investment in agriculture, and accelerate the execution and impact of investment commitments on smallholder farmers. You can browse all Grow Africa partners registered on the site by clicking on the link below. If you are looking for a partner matching specific criteria, use the Find a Partner Function.

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Join a network of over 650 organisations investing in African agriculture and engaged in improving the enabling environment for agricultural investments on the continent. Registering as a partner on the site means your organisation can be easily found by other organisations looking for business partners. You and other members of your organisation can be contacted directly through the site by other partners.

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Projects & Platforms - Our Involvement

Discover and explore commodity-specific value chain platforms and thematic projects within the twelve Grow Africa countries. Projects directly supported by the Grow Africa Secretariat are marked.

Finance Working Group

Access to finance at affordable rates is a systemic constraint facing smallholders and agricultural SMEs across the continent. Resolving it demands unprecedented collaboration between partners. The Grow Africa Finance Working Group comprises experts from across banks, agri-businesses, NGOs and international bodies to incubate specific initiatives aimed at addressing systemic finance issues and to share and disseminate new innovation.

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Smallholder Working Group

The Grow Africa Smallholder Working Group brings together the collective experience of member organisations to identify and address specific obstacles to working effectively with smallholders. The group collates and disseminates best practice and learning on effective business models for engaging with smallholder farmers and serves as an advisory council for Grow Africa's member companies, smallholder organisations and government.

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Browse recently-posted publications, news updates, videos and events created by the Grow Africa Secretariat and Grow Africa partners. Or search for resources by country, crop and topic.

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Source Finance

Find financers and explore Grow Africa’s work in incubating and supporting the development of systemic finance solutions.

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Responsible Investment

Grow Africa works with designated partners to accelerate responsible investment in African agriculture - investment which, in the context of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns, promotes positive impacts and avoids negative ones.

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In 2017, Grow Africa shifted focus from private sector engagement and mobilisation through LOI, to a more structured value chain development approach that encompasses all stakeholders. 
Grow Africa and IDH have launched a business case development fund to undertake in depth market value chain studies that assess the current and projected market demand for the crops
The NPCK through its partnership with Grow Africa and AGRA, is implementing various initiatives that help address the challenges in the potato sub-sector in Kenya.
As part of its efforts to transform the Potato Industry, the NPCK in partnership with the County Government of Nyeri organized for the Eastern and Central region Potato Fair

About Grow Africa

The Grow Africa Partnership was founded jointly by the African Union (AU), The New Partnership for Africa\'s Development (NEPAD) and the World Economic Forum in 2011 (links to all three organisations’ Web sites). Grow Africa works to increase private sector investment in agriculture, and accelerate the execution and impact of investment commitments. The aim is to enable countries to realise the potential of the agriculture sector for economic growth and job creation, particularly among farmers, women and youth. Grow Africa brokers collaboration between governments, international and domestic agriculture companies, and smallholder farmers in order to lower the risk and cost of investing in agriculture, and improve the speed of return to all stakeholders.

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