Grow Africa is a partnership platform that seeks to accelerate investments and transformative change in African agriculture based on national agricultural priorities and in support of the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP), a Programme of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), established by the African Union in 2003.

Building on public-private partnership models piloted by the World Economic Forum’s New Vision for Agriculture Initiative, Grow Africa has a catalytic role that:

1. Increases private-sector investments

Grow Africa works to increase private-sector investment in African agriculture by supporting partner countries in developing investment blueprints, building a pipeline of investments, and strengthening cross-sector collaboration. It provides support for innovative finance, risk management and partnership building; with the intent of boosting smallholders and agricultural SMEs by tackling constraints to their commercial viability.

2. Enables multi-stakeholder partnerships

Grow Africa supports the development of partnerships to attract investment in initiatives that complement national agriculture-sector strategies. The initiative facilitates best-practice exchange and stakeholder engagement to combine the capacities of local and international stakeholders for new and existing initiatives.

3. Expands knowledge and awareness of best practices and existing initiatives

Grow Africa seeks to strengthen investor interest in agriculture by building increased trust and shared commitment. This is accomplished by sharing information, lessons and best practices drawn from existing and successful projects; engaging all stakeholders including smallholder farmers; and addressing key issues such as gender inclusion, land tenure, climate change and resource management.


Each year, Grow Africa’s major milestone event is an “Agricultural Investment Forum” at which partner countries present investment opportunities to a diverse array of global and regional investors, together with other stakeholders.

Grow Africa also supports other events at which countries and investors can connect, share best practice, and promote investment.


Grow Africa is co-convened by the African Union Commission, NEPAD Agency and the World Economic Forum, who form an executive committee for oversight of activities. A steering committee of high-level cross-sector leaders provides strategic direction.  Grow Africa leverages resources among partner organizations and has a small secretariat to catalyse, broker and facilitate the process.

The Grow Africa secretariat provides ongoing support for implementation of country-level initiatives, mobilising partners to provide support such as:

  • Technical assistance to develop initiatives and investments
  • Engaging leaders and partner organizations from key stakeholder groups including governments,  companies, donor agencies, civil society, and farmer organizations.
  • Catalytic finance
  • Sharing best practices for sustainable, pro-poor business models
  • Monitoring, assessing and communicating results

How to engage

For partners:

Grow Africa seeks serious and committed partners from across the public and private sector who have resources or expertise to accelerate investment in support of national priorities for Africa’s agricultural sector. If interested, please contact the country initiatives [to initiatives page] directly, or contact Grow Africa [to contacts page] centrally.

For countries:

Grow Africa aims to serve any country with a CAADP Investment Plan by helping them attract private sector investment aligned to national priorities for agriculture and food security. Please contact Grow Africa [to contacts page] to explore what support is currently possible.