Project Objective

The Business Advisory Working Group (BAWG) is a private-sector led platform aimed at providing one voice of private-sector agribusinesses to government.  It was launched jointly by Grow Africa and USAID’s SPEED (Support Program for Economic and Enterprise Development) programme. There is significant private-sector interest in investing in agriculture in Mozambique, given that only 10% of the 78.6 million hectares suitable for farming is currently under cultivation.

The group prioritises issues based on surveys of its member base. For example, an early survey revealed issues in acquiring DUATs (Direito do Uso e Aproveitamento da Terra), a license that companies need in order to start operating on any piece of land. The working group raised this issue with the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development, which in turn wrote to provincial offices to fast-track DUAT issue.

The group also engages with financers, who present their services at meetings, but are also able to learn more about the work of the private-sector in order to better assess risk. This has resulted in better availability of finance at lower rates. 




The Business Advisory Working Group commissioned this report looking at constraints to investment in Mozambique, based on interviews with a wide range of agribusiness companies in Mozambique.

Grow Africa launched and is supporting a Business Advisory Working Group (BAWG) in Mozambique to help participating companies resolve joint challenges.