Project Objective

Access to finance at affordable rates is a systemic constraint facing smallholders and agricultural SMEs across the continent. Resolving it demands unprecedented collaboration between partners. In response, Grow Africa has convened a Working Group on Finance, comprised of leading experts from across banks, agri-businesses, NGOs and international bodies. The group acts as a think-tank to support the development of finance solutions and connect potential implementation partners, in response to the challenges faced by Grow Africa partner companies.

The working group is open to members from:

  • Financial service providers
  • Technical advisory service companies
  • NGOs
  • Development organisations



This briefing paper looks at how to make lease financing commercially viable at scale.

A new briefing paper from Grow Africa looks at ways of scaling commercially viable models for lease financing

Lending for African Farming Company (LAFCo) provides flexible working capital loans to agricultural enterprises throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

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