Grow Africa at the World Economic Forum on Africa

In 2017, Grow Africa will host two private sessions within the World Economic Forum and contribute to a public session on agriculture.

The aim is to identify opportunities for improving alignment between public and private-sector investments into agriculture to enable a better return on public-sector spending on infrastructure and investments in policy improvements, whilst optimising capital investment requirements and reducing business risk for private-sector companies.

Misalignment between public and private sectors on investment priorities and associated policy instruments is consistently surfaced by Grow Africa partners as the key obstacle to accelerating investment in agricultural value chains. Grow Africa will use the opportunity of the World Economic Forum on Africa to convene ministers, CEOs and leaders of African and International institutions to agree concrete action items to improve the enabling environment for investments that support the country-anchored, commodity-specific value-chain platform work that forms the core of Grow Africa’s strategy through to 2020.

The Grow Africa Investment Forum in 2018 will focus on new investment opportunities within these commodity value chains, accelerated through the commitments made by ministries and private-sector investors in the Grow Africa sessions within the World Economic Forum on Africa 2017. A separate Grow Africa Investment Forum event will not be held in 2017.