Project Objective

The Mozambican national cassava platform was launched with the support of Grow Africa and IDH – the Sustainable Trade Initiative in April 2015 as one of three national platforms (the other two are in Ghana and Nigeria) aimed at building a market for cassava products used in industrial processes. The platforms bring together producer groups, processors, off-takers, financiers and the public sector to work together on building links between actors along the chain at the national level.

Cassava is traditionally a subsistence crop, and being highly perishable it has mostly been consumed at the household level. But it can also be turned into high-quality cassava flour (HQCF), food-grade starch, and food-grade ethanol. Its applications range from food and drink products to glues, plywood, textiles and pharmaceuticals. Mozambique produces 10 million metric tonnes of cassava a year.

The Mozambican Cassava Platform aims to expand the cassava market, stimulating supply and demand whilst managing risks in the supply chain. The Platform brings together stakeholders along the cassava value chain in order to discuss, exchange experiences and lessons relating to a number of topics including: Expanding varieties of cassava; improving productivity and agricultural practices; addressing pests and diseases; improving access to market; strengthening business models for outgrower schemes including strengthening farmer organsiations; conduction market studies; improving market opportunities and market access; infrastructure improvements.

The platform is open to members of:

  • Cassava producers (smallholders and commercial farmers)
  • Cassava processors
  • Buyers of cassava and cassava-based products
  • Government and policy-makers
  • Input suppliers
  • Investors
  • Development organisations
  • Service providers (transport, finance, extension services etc.)
  • Research institutions

There are currently 27 members of the platform, organised into two working groups, governed by a steering committee of 9.

The working groups focus on:

  • Productivity and Market access
  • Policy and Finance 


Thiruvengadam Sridhar



New study on market opportunities for commercial cassava, commissioned by Grow Africa with knowledge partner IDH, identifies key opportunities and challenges in three countries.

New study on market opportunities for commercial cassava, commissioned by Grow Africa with knowledge partner IDH