Project Objective

Commercializing smallholder production is of critical importance in securing a sustainable future of African agriculture. The Smallholder Working Group (SWG) is co-chaired by Grow Africa and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa to help to develop innovative smallholder business solutions with farmers, companies, governments, and expert organisations  to transition smallholders from subsistence to commercially sustainable production. The main purpose of the SWG is to share knowledge in order to learn from failures and successes, focus on a number of key questions, develop solutions, and implement changes. The group produces regular briefing papers aggregating best practice from members on addressing specific issues related to including smallholders effectively in agricultural value chains.

In 2016-17 the Smallholder Working Group will ask “How to double smallholder incomes?” and shine the spotlight on best practices that are already in place in Africa today through programmes linked to commercial investments that are actively raising smallholder profitability. This represents an important shift in focus from asking how to agribusinesses work with the smallholder as a customer or supplier, to how partners can support the emergence of the smallholder as a small business in its own right.

The working group is open to members from:

  • Smallholder farmer organisations
  • Processors
  • Input suppliers
  • Development organisations and NGOs
  • Members of national and regional government and policy-makers
  • Service providers (finance, extension services, technical advisory etc.)



Traditionally, off-takers who provide investment to farmers in exchange for a share of their harvest, have focused on improving the produ

Post-harvest inefficiencies significantly reduce the commercial viability of supply chains that source produce from smallholders, impacti

Agribusinesses commercially engaging with smallholders, need the farmers to take-up services and practices that will increase productivit

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On November 9th IDH is hosting a 1hr webinar. In the session will share insights gained and next steps on the road towards creating cost-effective and scalable solutions that empower smallholders.