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CAP-F Introductory Mission to Sierra Leone

CAP-F Introductory Mission to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is one of the new 15 countries selected for the implementation of the Country Agribusiness Partnership Framework (CAP-F).

The process was officially kicked off in Freetown Sierra Leone, by Grow Africa’s Chief Executive officer Mr Ibrahim Gourouza-Magagi and Ms Etami A Ndoping with a visit to the ministry of fisheries, where the delegation was welcomed by the Hon. Deputy Minister of Fisheries Mr Ibrahim Turay; who was introduced to Grow Africa and the objectives of the mission, particularly the inclusion of fisheries in the country engagement and deployment of CAP-F, on that note the Deputy Minister introduced the delegation to other senior officials of the ministry for further engagement to analyse the state of fisheries in Sierra Leone in determining the special areas of focus in line with implementing CAP-F. The director of fisheries Mrs Kadijatu Jalloow and head of aquaculture Mr Osman Kamara stressed on the strong potential of the fisheries sector and advice on key areas of intervention such as fish feed, processing facilities within the aquaculture value chain.

Following the visit to the Ministry of Fisheries, the Grow Africa team proceeded to meet with the Minister of Agriculture, Hon.Joseph Ndanema. During the engagement the Minister was briefed on Grow Africa’s business model, while seeking guidance on the specific value chains Grow Africa should be focusing on in Sierra Leone. The Minister, also strongly highlighted the value addition of CAP-F and the relevance to agriculture and private sector investment in Sierra Leone. The Hon. Minister welcomed the idea of CAP-F and listed priority values chain where immediate intervention is required, of which rice was at the top of list. The Minister called for Grow Africa’s immediate plan of action towards the rice value chain to tackle the issue of high rice import in Sierra Leone.

Both the ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture reiterated the fact that Sierra Leone is recovering downturn due to the twin shocks of a shrinking global iron ore price and the out- break of the Ebola Virus disease. However, Sierra Leone is actively reforming its business environment in order to facilitate the ease of doing business in the country. Thus, the receptive welcome of Grow Africa’s support to facilitate and increase investment in Agriculture, which in turn will further boost the economy.

Following a successful induction, the next step for CAP-F roll out in Sierra Leone will be setting up of fisheries and rice multi stakeholder platforms, to start mobilising the key stakeholders in these value chains. Following on, a stocktaking exercise to evaluate the existing agriculture landscape and determine the level of in-country resourcing required for CAP-F implementation. Most importantly from the stocktaking report will be the assessment of a structure that will take on the function of coordination in Sierra Leone, which is a fundamental element of the CAP Framework.