he Government of Ethiopia established the Agricultural Transformation Agency (the Agency or ATA) by Federal Regulation in December 2010 as a catalyst for positive, transformational, and sustainable change. The primary aim of the Agency is to promote agricultural sector transformation by supporting existing structures of government, private sector and other non-governmental partners to address systemic bottlenecks in delivering on a priority national agenda for achieving growth and food security. The Agency’s formation results from two years of extensive diagnostic study across eight sub-sectors of Ethiopia’s agricultural system in a highly consultative, multi-stakeholder process led by the Ministry of Agriculture. It has been modeled after similar public-sector bodies in Asia (i.e. Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, etc.) that played important roles in the growth of those national economies. The Agency’s structure and function is focused on nimble, innovative and results-oriented support to a range of partners in the agricultural sector. More specifically, the Agency has been created to respond to a core set of needs identified by the Ministry of Agriculture and its governing Transformation Council. Although it is a nationally oriented organization, in the initial stage of its work, the Agency will focus its efforts both programmatically and geographically.

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