Created in 2003, the company Golden Exotics Limited (GEL) is the leading main plantation of bananas and pineapples in Ghana. Thanks to the work achieved over 10 years, this country has now achieved its legitimacy as banana producer in Africa.

The presence of water in abundance (with the River Volta) and the dry climate enable to produce bananas of high quality in Ghana with a use of chemical products that is among the lowest in the world.

GEL runs two plantations which, together, cover a surface area of 3 500 hectares. One of them is devoted to pineapples and harvests 10 000 tons per year. The other, more to the North, concentrates on bananas and regularly increases its production which now reaches 50 000 tons.


This growth has been continued by the expansion of the farmed areas, bringing them to 1 500 hectares. GEL now has almost 2 400 staff members.

GEL is certified Globalgap┬«, and Fairtrade - Max Havelaar

In 2012, GEL also obtained the Fairtrade - Max Havelaar certification for its banana plantations. This new certification is proof of the group's commitment to responsible production.

The Max Havelaar label certifies that these bananas are grown in return for some concrete commitments:

Social guarantees:

- Respecting rights at work

- Respecting working conditions ...

Environmental guarantees:

- Favouring natural products instead of chemical products ...

- Protection of ecosystems: water, land ...

Economic guarantees:

- Minimum price guaranteed

- Bonus for development

- Local economic investment

In 2013, with the renewal of the banana certification and obtaining the certification for the production of pineapples, GEL became the first 100% Fairtrade plantation in Africa.

Since July 2014, the new banana plots have also been certified "Organic". Therefore GEL can market conventional bananas as well as organic and organic fairtrade.

Fairtrade Max Havelaar GEL

Organic Agriculture Certificate GEL

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