he Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) is a Business Association grouping together all aspects of the Horticulture Industry in Tanzania. Since its inception in 2004 TAHA has successfully brought together the large scale professional operations and the many growers’ groups and small holders into a single bloc with a single business oriented set of interests. This achievement has resulted in TAHA becoming the fastest growing farmer organization in the region. And the recognition of that accomplishment has brought the partnerships and support that are continuing to transform the industry. The Government of Tanzania and Development Partners such as USAID, BEST-AC, the Royal Netherlands Embassy and Finnish Government are all involved in supporting Horticulture in projects in partnership with TAHA or in part designed with the advice and participation of TAHA. As a result TAHA is strategically placed to both influence the course development and advocate the reduction of constraints. By bringing the producers, traders, exporters and processors of all horticultural products – that is flowers, fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and seeds - TAHA has created a single Voice. A voice of both large scale and small that resonates locally, nationally and internationally and with a common understanding that the challenge is about making business work. TAHA has been leading the industry in addressing that challenge and anticipates Horticulture’s contribution to be significant to both Economic Growth and Poverty Eradication.

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