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Mango Multi-stakeholder Platform – Burkina Faso


The mango sector in Burkina Faso has the potential to improve incomes and livelihoods of smallholder producers.  Agriculture in the country employs more than 80% of the active population. It accounts for over 30% of GDP and around 50% of the country's export earnings. Horticultural crops, particularly mangoes, are an important element of the country's socio-economic development because of (i) increasing high demand; (ii) increasing income provided to the rural population; (iii) their contribution to agricultural diversification; iv) their food and nutritional intake. The mango sector is also a great source of income and job creation, thus contributing to improving rural households livelihoods.

In order to mutualise the different interventions of partners in the mango sector in Burkina Faso, the Association of Professionals in the Mango sector in Burkina Faso (APROMAB) and Grow Africa launched in March 2018 the first inclusive multi-stakeholders’ platform in the mango sector in Burkina Faso, with the aim to increase agribusiness expertise and its impact in the country and abroad.  The platform currently comprises of 1500 farmers.  

The specific objectives of the inclusive platform of stakeholders in the mango sector in Burkina Faso are:

  • To look for solutions to the development constraints of the sector (production, processing, marketing, quality)
  • To participate in the promotion of African, national and sectoral policies
  • To identify investment opportunities in the mango sector and seek funding
  • To develop the external market for mangoes from Burkina Faso