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Pineapple Multi-stakeholder Platform – Benin


Grow Africa in partnership with the Pineapple Inter-professional Association of Benin (GIE) launched the Pineapple Multi-stakholders Platform in 2017 to support the country’s export diversification initiative.  The goal of the platform is to increase production and marketing of pineapple fruit and its derivatives in regional and international markets.

The Government has identified pineapple as a key focus of their Revealing Benin Programme (2016-2021), which aims to increase competitiveness by achieving targets for improved yield and export quality. However, this strong potential of the pineapple value chain in Benin is unfortunately inhibited by a number of constraints that hinder its development: low productivity of the farms, low technological quality of the processing units, insufficient organization of the actors, difficult access to financing, and logistics and coordination challenges along air and sea freight supply chains.

The specific objectives of the inclusive platform of stakeholders in the pineapple sector in Benin are:

  • To look for solutions to the development constraints of the sector (production, processing, marketing, quality)
  • To participate in the promotion of African, national and sectoral policies
  • To identify investment opportunities in the pineapple sector and seek funding
  • To develop the external market for pineapples from Benin

The platform facilitates exchanges between actors, enable the engagement, enhance the existing structures and respond to priorities identified by the business case study.

The platform currently comprises of 1500 farmers.